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Join us for a two-day workshop on the motivational impact of teaching languages through compelling, comprehensible inputs (CI) and how to teach languages using co-created TPRS stories.


The workshop provides an in-depth introduction to CI strategies, TPRS, teaching with co-created stories and other active learning techniques for your classroom. Whilst the course also provides a brief overview of the theory and research behind teaching with a CI approach, it principally revolves around zero-prep, practical, classroom strategies designed to provide rich, compelling, comprehensible inputs (CI) that you can implement right away.


We will go through some of my favourite, daily, CI activities stemming from research based evidence around intrinsic motivation and developing communication. A key goal of this workshop is to provide participants with strategies and approaches that will raise engagement and motivation in your classes resulting in quicker acquisition of the language through intent listening and reading. For parts of the day you will be ‘students’ in my class, acquiring a language naturally through the eyes of a learner using CI based approaches.


At the end of the workshop, participants will have the tools and resources to try out the following techniques in their classrooms:

  • Special person interviews
  • Creating an invisible character
  • Movie-Talk and Clip-Chat
  • Picture-Talk
  • Building a co-created TPRS story


How is the course structured?

  • Day One: Focuses on the theory and research behind teaching with compelling, comprehensible input.
    • The first day will give an overview of Teaching with CI as well as an introduction to motivational strategies for the language classroom.
  • Day Two: After the overview of CI and grounding in motivational strategies during day 1, day 2 focuses entirely on building a co-created TPRS story.
    • Participants will be part of "my class" and will experience the magic of co-creating a story together as students.


You will receive:

  • Pre-course questionnaire analysis
  • Post-course e-mail support
  • Post-course Q&A video from Liam
  • All presentations, handouts and resources
  • Coffee and tea with snacks, and a tasty lunch
  • A certificate of completion


Earlybird discount

--> Earlybird price until July 4: €390 per person

--> Normal price after July 5: €430 per person 


Travel and lodging

Find options for travel and lodging here.


Two-day CI training by Liam Printer

€ 390,00Price
  • Dr. Liam Printer hosts The Motivated Classroom podcast and is currently an Instructional Coach at the International School of Lausanne in Switzerland, where he works with teachers to improve their practice. Prior to this role, Liam was the Leader of Pedagogical Innovation and Approaches to Learning at the school. Liam has been a teacher of additional languages for the past 16 years. He currently teaches Spanish and English in the middle and high school as part of the International Baccalaureate. His Motivated Classroom podcast was listed in the Top 5% of all downloaded podcasts worldwide in 2022 with over 400,000 listens to date. His Doctorate in Education focussed on motivation and teaching languages through storytelling and his research has been published in various peer reviewed journals. He has been invited as the Keynote speaker at international language teaching conferences in the UK, Ireland, France, Australia and New Zealand and continues to work with a wide range of schools and districts around the world on raising motivation in the language classroom.

  • The 2-day, in-person, live workshop with Dr. Liam Printer focuses on 'Teaching with CI' and aimed at both new and experienced language acquisition teachers of additional languages.

    It is principally aimed at those teachers who have heard about the Comprehensible Input (CI) approach and want to learn more and see it in action; as well as those who are new to CI or consider themselves 'Novice CI teachers'.

    I try to ensure there is something for everyone in the course through collecting pre-course feedback and planning the sessions accordingly.

    A key focus of this workshop is giving teachers the tools to be able to provide content to learners which is both comprehensible and compelling.

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