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A flying start for every CI lesson!


After this workshop you can start each lesson with a engaging, interactive talk about the day, date and weather. We briefly discuss the role of comprehensible input for your students' speaking skills. You will receive practical techniques that you can apply immediately, and we will demonstrate three different Talk-of-the-Day activities, at different levels of language proficiency. You can immediately use everything you learn in your own lessons.


This is what you will learn:

  • come up with provocative questions about the present day
  • dynamically automate the numbers, date, days of the week and months with your students
  • link the date to personal, current and historical events
  • the question-answer-paraphrase technique for a dynamic interaction with your students


What do you get extra with this workshop?

  • at the end of the workshop there is still 15 minutes for questions
  • An extensive handout with examples and tips
  • Links to online resources with good examples
  • A digital certificate

Calendar talk workshop

Out of Stock
  • Carmen Master

  • Dutch

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