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The most inspirational day for language educators!

Every fall, we organise the Dynamic Language Learning Conference, with energetic workshops by experienced CI teachers from all over Europe. All workshops focus on dynamic, motivating language education for world languages, Latin and Second Languages. Motivating, not only for your students, but also for yourself! 

In 2024, the conference will take place in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and will be two days:
November 1st and 2nd. Check out the presenters 
here, or register right away!

Check out a photo impression of the 2023 conference here.

“I am super inspired by you! Thanks!"
“The workshops were on target, very useful and answered my questions by showing me how to put CI into practice."
"Practically interesting, theoretically well founded, lecturers present in a skilled and appealing manner."
“Wow, I want to try this in my groups!”
"Excellent! Next time please make it 2 days. We loved it! Greetings from Norway!”
“Thanks for all the work you put in to pull this off! It's a fantastic opportunity to learn."
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