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Dynamic Language Learning wants to make world language educators' work life a happier one.


That is why we provide courses and workshop that help language teachers create more dynamical language classes with better results.


Our courses are always active, hands-on, focused on the actual teaching practice. You will learn the how and the why, and you will be able to apply what you've learned in your classes right away. 

Communicate with your students in the target language as of day 1 of the school year, and enjoy your classes like never before! 



Are you looking for a more dynamic way of teaching?

Do you want your students
to speak your language fluently?

Would you like to speak the target language
almost 100% in your classes?

Do you crave better results and more energy?



Dynamic Language Learning is what you're looking for!



For language teachers
who know there’s another way

Maybe you recognize this: You once started teaching French, German, or Spanish because you loved the language so much. You love reading and speaking the language, and listening to native speakers. You want nothing more than to share your passion with your students.


But the reality is different. You find yourself tied to a textbook, which despite all its ‘fun activities’ and illustrations, you can’t seem to enthuse your students with.  And no matter how many interactive listening activities you do with them, they still can’t understand even the most basic sentences you use with them.


We know better than anyone how frustrating this is, and how disheartening it can be when yet another fun lesson ideas fails to prompt your students to speak.

Dynamic Language Learning is not just another one of these ‘tricks’. It takes a fundamentally different approach to language teaching. Here, language is used to serve its intended purpose: for communicating, sharing stories, getting to know each other and creating group cohesion.


We have discovered first-hand how much fun and invigorating it is to work with acquisition-based methods for both students and teachers, and continue to notice the huge improvements in our students’ communication skills. We would love to share this with you!

I’ve followed many courses, but have never had such an invigorating, interesting, and eye-opening experience as this. You have deeply inspired me!

I’m thrilled to have followed this course. It has given me new insights and tools in my day-to-day work, which is fantastic! Thank you for your help and support!

What I am most grateful for, is having learned so much. You create a safe and pleasant learning environment, and on top of that there’s all that fantastic material… (articles, videos, etc.) Awesome!

Teacher trainings


These courses cover the basics of Dynamic Language Learning, or natural acquisition-based language teaching.


All our teacher trainings are based on the principle that compelling, comprehensible input and interaction form the foundation of all language acquisition. In our Basic Courses we will teach you how to accomplish that. We use a variety of teaching strategies taken from Total Physical Response, Storytelling (TPRS) and other acquisition-based methods.

Check out the courses here.



Have you completed the Basic Course , or done a TPRS/CI course elsewhere? Then why not expand your natural acquisition toolbox

with our broad range of modules, and create your own, personalised training trajectory.

Choose your workshop here

Do you want to follow a training course at your school with your entire team? 

Are you looking for an inspiring workshop for your professional development day? 

Do you want to be kept up-to-date on CI activities in Europe?

Why follow a Dynamic Language Learning course?


  • Active, dynamic, fun-packed courses

  • Apply everything you learn directly in your classes

  • Personal guidance from inspirational trainers

  • Choose your own personalized training path

  • Plenty of interesting background articles you can read at your own pace.

  • Many tips to further develop your skills after the course.

Some immediate results you will notice in class:


  • Classes are more dynamic


  • Students are more engaged


  • You can communicate 100% in the target language

  • More humour in the classroom

  • Vastly improved active language skills

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