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After this course you will be able to give dynamic language lessons that allow your students to acquire the language in a natural way.


You will learn how to use your language to evoke emotion in your students. How you can speak the target language almost 100% and your students still understand what you say. You will discover which limitations and possibilities our brain has, and how you can use them to your advantage. How to provide the repetition needed for fluent language production, while still keeping the lessons engaging.


Pass on your passion for language to your students by making up funny, engaging or bizarre stories with them, having conversations and reading in the beautiful language you are teaching them!


This is what you will learn:

  • 100% use the target language as the working language

  • Make everything you say understandable for your students

  • Creatively and dynamically inculcate new language structures

  • Using movement and visuals

  • Making up stories in the target language with your students (co-design)


This is what you get:

  • interesting background articles and videos

  • useful tools for your lesson

  • a fully fleshed out lesson plan for your first 10 lessons so you can put into practice everything you've learned effortlessly

  • coffee & tea, and a nice lunch every day

  • a certificate

Basic course Dynamic Language Learning

  • Kirstin Plante, Carmen Meester and Marianne de Best

  • Dutch

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