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This course gives you a jump start into a more dynamic and brain compatible approach to language learning. Input-based techniques. The course prepares you to start using key skills of TPRS and TCI (Teaching with Comprehensible Input) in your own classroom.


In each session, new material is presented, demonstrated and discusses, after which participants will do their lesson prep at home, send it in for feedback and practice the teaching skills in their own teaching setting.


You will learn:

  • How to use the target language in your classroom almost 100%

  • How to make everything you say in the target language totally comprehensible for your students

  • How to automate new language structures in a dynamic and creative way

  • How to use visual and dynamic cues to support meaning and enhance comprehension

  • How to co-design stories and conversations with your students



  • Interesting articles with scientific support and background information

  • Links to videos and information that will help you master your new teaching skills

  • A digital Basic Course Certificate

ONLINE Basic Course Dynamic Language Learning

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  • Are you a language teacher in an International school? Do you teach at Primary/Elementary or Secondary/Senior school level? Or do you work as a classroom teacher in a bilingual educational environment? Then you can definitely benefit from this course.

    Why would you want to do this course?

    Would you like to see more action in your classes, and more motivated students who participate actively?

    Do you want to make the target language so comprehensible that your students start communicating in their new language spontaneously?

    Does it appeal to you to create stories with your students and thus enhance their engagement in class?

    Do you dare to stimulate intrinsic motivation by making your students (instead of the curriculum) the central focus of your classes?

    In short: do you want to make the difference? Then this course was made for you!

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