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After this workshop you have a wide range of activities that you can do with and around reading books.

You will get ideas for activities you can do to prepare students for reading a book, activities you can do while reading together, and processing activities for after reading. You will learn which input and output activities are appropriate for each phase, and put together a lesson plan for a booklet of your choice.


This is what you will learn:

  • Preparing language and themes from the booklet through   picture talk and movie talk

  • Cultivating interest in the story through 'emotional triggers'

  • Using Visible Thinking Strategies for more depth

  • What type of activity to use in the different phases


What do you get extra with this workshop?

  • Interesting background articles and videos
  • An extensive handout with tips and links
  • Coffee & tea and snacks
  • A certificate

Workshop Dynamic Reading

Out of Stock
  • Kirstin Plante and Carmen Meester

  • Dutch

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