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Do you and your students enjoy reading aloud, and would you like to do this more often? Do you like picture books and would you like to be able to use them in each of your groups? Then this workshop meets your needs.


There are many great picture books for children, but unfortunately most of them are not written in a way that beginning language learners can understand. In this workshop you will learn to convert a picture book into a story with Comprehensible Input in your target language. You will discover how to bring the story to life in an interactive way, so that your students will be on the edge of their seats!


Even if you do not work in primary education, or work with advanced students, this workshop may be suitable for you. You can rewrite any story, fairy tale, legend or news item into an understandable message!


This is what you will learn:

  • Select a suitable book that matches the language level and experience of your group
  • 'Rewrite' a book yourself, so that your students can understand it
  • Demo of PQA with the target constructs from the story
  • Puppetry linked to a goal construction
  • Picture talk about an illustration from the story
  • Play follow-up activities and games to repeat the target constructions in a playful way


What extra do you get with this workshop?

  • An extensive handout with a step-by-step plan and tips
  • Tips for suitable books and authors
  • Coffee & tea and snacks
  • A certificate

Workshop prentenboeken begrijpelijk maken

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