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Fun videos and lively conversations with your students! 


After this workshop you will have a wide range of activities that you can do with and around short films. You will get ideas for activities you can do to prepare students for watching a movie, activities you can do while watching together, and processing activities for after watching. You will learn which input and output activities are suitable for each phase, and you will put together a lesson plan for a movie of your choice.​


This is what you will learn:

  • Preparing language and themes from the video through picture talk
  • Alternating between comprehension questions and thinking questions
  • Using Visible Thinking Strategies for more depth
  • What type of activity to use in the different phases​


What do you get extra with this workshop?

  • Interesting background articles and videos
  • An extensive handout with tips and links
  • Coffee & tea and snacks
  • A certificate

Workshop VideoTalk

Out of Stock
  • Carmen Meester and Kirstin Plante

  • Dutch

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